Thursday 20 April 2017

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On Thursday 20 April 2017, Bangor Chess Club hosted a double simul match to help raise funds to bring 4 children to Russia for a Saint Petersburg match in August 2017. Representing Belfast, David Houston duelled with 12 opponents with an average rating of 1388 and ended with an impressive score of 11/12, drawing only two games, against Ross Harris (1682) and James O'Fee (1638). Houston defeated Alan McConnell (1620), Richard Morrow (1530), Albert McCarter (1528), Walter Wilson (1396), Mike McKimm (1330), Gary Johnston (1256), Owen Wilson (975), Alwyn Pollock (922), Gary Zachary (===) and Evan Elwood (===).

Meanwhile, Michael Sheerin represented Bangor and faced 10 players from Belfast, with an average group rating of 1108. He picked up wins against Ronan Fitzsimons (678), Billy Jackson (863), Paul Anderson (882) and Vincent O'Brien (919). His toughest opponent of the night, Mikhail Pavlov (1799) ended in a Grandmaster draw, as did clashes with Dennis Thorpe (1162) and Nick Todd (813). Fellow team-mates Daniil Zelenchuk (1570), Dmitry Zelenchuk (1354) and Barney McGahan (1041) all scored impressive wins for team Belfast! The final score of the night was an excellent 5.5/10 for Sheerin who did proud for Bangor Chess Club.

Our sincere gratitude to David and Michael for an extremely enjoyable evening which raised £103 towards the travel costs to bring a forth child player to Saint Petersburg. Full details of the trip can be found on our international events page. CLICK HERE








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