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Gary Johnston (Black) v Danny Cochrane (White). Photography: ChessNI


Ards crowns its first outdoor blitz champion: Gary Johnston


Tuesday June 8, 2021


Congratulations to local Ards player Gary Johnston, crowned champion of the first ever outdoor blitz tournament in Newtownards. Ending with the perfect score of 5/5, very impressive Gary! Hot on his heels was chess wizard Jake Patterson, ending on 4/5, securing 2nd place. Adam Rushe took 3rd with 3/5. Meanwhile Danny Cochrane won 'Best Newcomer', finishing on 2/5 and he's looking forward to playing in more events. It was a fun morning of chess with many of the regulars from Bangor Chess Club, including Ken Browne, Alwyn Pollock, George Gamble, Rebecca McClurg and Richard McClean.


Played over five rounds and a time control of 6+6, the tournament was rated by the Ulster Chess Union. The benefit of holding open air chess events is that folks stop to watch the games and express an interest in chess. We had a lovely lady, Alison Cassidy, pop over to chat and she is very keen to attend Bangor Chess Club along with her 10 year old son when the new chess season begins in the autumn.



Gary Johnston (5/5)

2nd Place: Jake Patterson (4/5)

3rd Place: Adam Rushe (3/5)


Best Newcomer: Danny Cochrane (2/5)



Round 1 underway at the Town Hall Arts Centre, Conway Square. Photography: ChessNI

Near board: Gary Johnston (White) v Adam Rushe (Black)

Rear board: Jake Patterson (Black) v Alwyn Pollock (White) Photography: ChessNI

Danny Cochrane (White) v George Gamble (Black). Photography: ChessNI

Gary Johnston (White) delivers checkmate v Adam Rushe (Black)

Post-game analysis: Brendan Jamison (left) studies the game with Adam Rushe (right) as Adam opens a chess engine to work out how he could have prevented Gary Johnston's checkmate!

Alwyn Pollock (Black) v Gary Johnston (White)

Round 5: Jake Patterson (White) v Adam Rushe (Black)

Alwyn Pollock (White) v Ken Browne (Black)

Prize-winners, left to right: Adam Rushe (3rd), Danny Cochrane (Best Newcomer), Jake Patterson (2nd) and Gary Johnston (Champion)











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