Born 1984, India

Classic rating: 2046

Rapidplay rating: 1961

Blitz rating: 1994


FIDE rating: 2153

FIDE ID: 5021111




Team Champions, Ulster Team Rapidplay Championship, playing for team Strand 1, Good Shepherd Centre, Belfast, Saturday February 3, 2018

Board 2 Winner, highest performace on Board 2 of senior section (4/4 = 100%) at Ulster Team Rapidplay Championships, Good Shepherd Centre, Belfast, Saturday February 3, 2018

Newcomer Player of the Year, awarded by ChessNI from the top 100 scoring players in Northern Ireland between January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017

Champion, Ulster Blitz Championship, Ballynafeigh Bowling Club, Belfast, Saturday, December 30, 2017

Team Champions, 24 Player Mega Match Championship, QUB Chess Club v Strand Chess Club, playing on board 1 for the winning Strand team, Lanyon Building, Queen's University, Belfast, Tuesday December 19, 2017

Champion, Omagh Rapidplay Championship, Christian Brothers Grammar School, Omagh, November 25, 2017

Champion, Titanic Quarter Autumn Blitz, Belfast, September 2017

Champion, Karnala Sports Academy, Panvel, Maharashtra, India, 2010

Rapidplay Champion, King's Academy Winter Vacation Chess Crown, Shahaji Raje Kreeda Sankul, Andheri, Maharashtra, India, Monday December 28, 2009

Champion, Ganesh Mandal Blitz, Panvel, Maharashtra, India, 2007

3rd Place, Maharashtra State Selection for Nationals, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2006

Champion, Top 10 Maharashtra Blitz Chess Championship, Dadar, Maharashtra, India, 2005

Champion, Rotary Club Tournament, Panvel, Maharashtra, India, 2003

Champion, Under 19 Championship, Ghatkopar, Maharashtra, India, 2002

Champion, CKT College Intercollegiate, New Panvel, Maharashtra, India, 2001-2004







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